Administrative Staff

The office is the administrative heart of the church. A smooth,
efficient church office is essential for a growing church. There
are no products to sell, only service and information to give and
share. Christ is the center, and the work is to glorify God. The
love of Christ calls us to commitment and service. 

                                Sis. Myrtis Pittman

                           Administrative Secretary


What Is A Church Secretary
 Though I speak on the phone with the sound of an angel, but do not have love.  I  have become as voice mail, and am not a church secretary.

And if I have the gift of shorthand, and of bookkeeping, and if I have all knowledge as to perform computer wizardry, but do not have love, I am not a church secretary.

And if I give countless hours to produce the church newsletter, and if I even skip lunch to produce the bulletin, but do not have love, I am not a church secretary.

For being a church secretary is more than saying the right things or having excellent skills; even more than putting in many hours.

Being a church secretary is being sincere, compassionate, and really caring. A church  secretary must love.

A church secretary's love is patient, kind,  constant and nonjudgmental.  It does not live and die by a schedule.

For a church secretary sees all things, believes most things, tells few things. And still loves. This love never fails: even if there be a deadline and it shalt press, or if there be a  telephone and it shall ring, or if there be computers whose data shall pass away.

Often when the shepherd departs, a secretary might choose to vanish. But when a need  arises, my purpose is clear.
So I speak as a friend, think as a friend, and reason as a friend. I put away secretarial things. I listen.

Finally, I know with certainty how I want to be known. I see in my mirror an authentic church secretary.

Within abides professionalism, perseverance, and love, these three; but the greatest of these is LOVE.