Mass Choir


Our aim, as coordinators, again this year is for us to become the best choir that we can be given the talents that we possess. It is not our desire or aim that we try and outdo anyone else, but to just make sure that each time we sing that we are giving our 100%, and if this is done, then we can not help but to be the best choir there is. If we sing until the power of the Lord comes down, then we can say mission accomplished.

We are embracing the church’s theme: “STRIVE FOR HEAVEN IN THIS YEAR OF 2007.” Therefore we have chosen to: “ JOIN THE RACE TO HEAVEN IN 2007.” WILL YOU COME AND GO WITH US?



         Mary Dillon                             Lloyd Carter
         Coordinator                           Co-coordinator

Secretary:     Bernadine Dunckly
Assistant Secretary:     Lillie Wright
Financial Secretary:     Alice Fornett 
Asst. Financial Secretary:  Irma Doss
Treasurer:     Alice Fornett
Chaplin:     Isreal Randall
Parliamentarian:     W.D Davis

The Lord is my light and my salvation:  Whom shall I fear?
The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be
                                                    Psalm 27:1